Sunday, October 11, 2009

Suddenly, bra-burning seems reasonable

Note: We have been contacted by the company Running Free and they have cleared up that this ad is in fact NOT theirs; an ad agency pitched the idea to them and they rejected it because of their own offense to it. Regardless, the fact that any ad companies are even thinking to create these kinds of ads (and the positive online response to it) is still gross nonetheless.
This ad selling a sports bra is supposed to be humorous. I find it not. The ad reads, "Support bras, now available."
What's more disturbing is that this is being deemed "clever" and "hilarious" by a few sites I've come across. The fact that this "entertaining" image of women not only running with their boobs flying everywhere, but also smacking them in the face, has morphed into a picture of violence is really unsettling. And more plainly, any joke with a picture of a woman's bruised face like this is just not funny.
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This site was suggested to me by Olga to look at- and I think that its is a clever ad. Women always joke about getting hit in the face by their boobs when running or doing an active activity- this ad is just kinda bringing it to life...


  1. should be a boob reduction ad rather for a a plastic surgeon :-)

  2. Pull the stick out of your ass lady. It is hilarious and clever.